Support Packages

Emotional Support Package

From $250

Sometimes going through a new experience like becoming engaged and planning a wedding, as wonderful and amazing it is, it can also be quite overwhelming and stressful.

As I have a background in Psychology, I am offering support to aid you manage emotions such as stress or anxiety and instead help make you feel happy and confident about your special day.

Planning a wedding also leads to common problems with close family members who may offer many, often unsolicited, advice about what your day should be like. Even if their intentions come from a good place, it can lead to confusion and feeling overwhelmed. Maybe your mother or mother-in-law wants you to do something in a certain way and you don’t know how to deal with such conflicting situations?

Other times, planning a wedding may cause some conflict within the couple as everyone may have differing ideas about their dream day?


Bridesmaids Duties

From $150 – $500

Just need someone to bounce some ideas of and having someone tag along to help you with your wedding planning? I am happy to be there for you for anything that a bridesmaid would (or should) do.

This may be suitable if your bridesmaids don’t live nearby and can’t come along to things like trying on wedding dresses, or you chose not to have bridesmaids at all but still want some support along the way.

  • Help with wedding dress & bridesmaids dress shopping
  • Coming along to meet suppliers, venues & wedding fairs or expos
  • Offering honest and helpful opinion and advice
  • Be there on your wedding day for practical and emotional support
  • Casual meeting up for coffee to go over wedding plans

Contact me for more information about inclusions and prices. Every package can be customised to suit your needs.